Steven Leiber Catalogs, 2019

Steven Leiber Catalogs, 2019

The Publication:

Steven Leiber, (1957-2012) the pioneering San Francisco dealer of the late-twentieth-century avant-art and its ephemera, was widely known for the dealer catalogs he produced between 1992-2010. All 52 are documented and contextualized in the monograph Steven Leiber Catalogs offered at the SFABF 2019. Each catalog was an (often humorous) homage to a movement, an artist, or a groundbreaking artists’ publication, including Fluxus, Harald Szeemann, Dan Graham, Raymond Pettibon and Aspen magazine. The book moves chronologically through the entirety of his output, establishing not only a revealing account of a collector and his process, but a vital record of Leiber’s contribution to the art world.

The monograph on Steven Leiber and his dealer catalogs contains essays by David Senior, Head of Library and Archives, SFMOMA, David Leiber, Partner David Zwirner, Lawrence Rinder, Director of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Marcia Reed, Chief Curator and Associate Director, Getty Research Institute and Adam Michaels, designer and owner of Inventory Press. And there are 18 recollections contributed by some of those who knew, worked with or followed Steven Leiber included in the publication. 

The Exhibition:

In conjunction with the book launch, there will be an exhibition of Steven Leiber’s catalogs at Minnesota Street Projects in Bass and Reiner Gallery (Room 207) on the second floor. David Senior, the publication editor and essayist will curate the exhibition and will introduce source materials for Steven’s mailers. The exhibition opens on July 19th and will be on view through July 27th, 2019.

The Panel Discussion:

Saturday, July 20th at 3pm at Minnesota Street Projects, The Lounge.

On Saturday, July 20th at 3pm there will be a public program on Steven Leiber and his dealer catalogs. David Senior will moderate a panel discussion focusing on the catalogs as well as the art that Steven Leiber collected, sold and celebrated. Panelists include: Alexandra Bowes (art collector), Arnaud Desjardin (artist and owner of The Everyday Press), Amber Hasselbring (former Steven Leiber Basement Manager), David Kasprzak (artist and owner of Colpa Bookstore and Press) and Adam Michaels (Co-founder IN-FO.CO and Publisher, Inventory Press.)