Artists & Editions, 2013

Artists & Editions, 2013

Multiple. Screen printed cardboard box containing five prints (three silkscreens, one edition variée and one etching,) four artist generated archival publications, two three-dimensional paper pieces, two posters, a painting, a drawing, a coupon for redeeming a record, an artist’s book, a metal stencil, a weaving, a sewn canvas work and an edition catalog. Catalog is black and white. 7 × 7".  20 pp. Staple bound. Text: Leigh Markopoulos. Edition of 35. 14 × 14 × 4.5". 


Artists & Editions is a tribute to Steven Leiber (1957–2012) co-founder of RITE EDITIONS. All proceeds from the sale of the edition will benefit the Steven Leiber Scholarship Fund at California College of the Arts in Oakland and San Francisco.

Donations may be made to the California College of the Arts for the Steven Leiber Scholarship Fund at 5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618.

Artists and Individual Pieces

Click on an artist to see more information on individual pieces in the edition.

Artists & Editions Catalog

The entire catalog is available as a PDF here.



Additional Information

Artists & Editions was modeled after the 1970 Multiples Inc. publication Artists & Photographs.

ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHS. Multiples Inc. New York, NY. 1970. Multiple. Cardboard box containing 1 exhibition catalogue and 17 artists books/artists publications: Mel Bochner, Misunderstandings (A theory of photography); Christo, Packed Tower-Spoleto (proposals & projects); Jan Dibbets, perspective correction-5 piles; Tom Gormley, Red File Cabinet; Dan Graham,Two Parallel Essays: Two Related Projects for Slide Projector & Photographs of Motion; Douglas Huebler, Location Piece #2, New York City-Seattle, Washington; Allan Kaprow, Pose, March 22nd, 1969 continued 1970; Michael Kirby, Pont Neuf: the localization of a tetrahedron in space; Joseph Kosuth, Notebook on Water; Sol LeWitt, Schematic drawing for Muybridge II, 1964 (7/69); Richard Long, Rain Dance; Robert Morris, Continuous Project Altered Daily; Bruce Nauman, LAAIR; Dennis Oppenheim, FLOWER ARRANGEMENT FOR BRUCE NAUMAN; Robert Rauschenberg, Revolver; Ed Ruscha, Babycakes; Robert Smithson, Torn Photograph from the 2nd Stop (Rubble) (2nd Mountain of Six Stops on a Section); Bernar Venet, Exploited Subjects; Andy Warhol, Portraits. Catalog is black and white. 7 × 7 inches. 20 pp. Staple bound. Text: L. Alloway. Edition of 1200.

Box: 13.25 × 13.25 × 3.75 inches.