About RITE Editions

Steven Leiber and Robin Wright founded RITE Editions in 2007 in San Francisco with the intent of commissioning artists to make limited edition publications.

Since its inception, RITE Editions has published 18 editions. The inaugural edition was Sound of Music, A Record of the Sound of Its Own Making by Jonathan Monk, an LP recording referencing Robert Morris’s Box with the Sound of Its Own Making (1961). Subsequent multiples include The White Album by Mungo Thomson (2009), Travis Meinolf’s Social Fabric Berlin Mitte (2010), and Paul Sietsema’s At the hour of tea (2014). This year, two editions will be published: Will Rogan’s Stress, What Stress?  a ceramic mug and Gabriel Sierra’s Fingerprints of Bruce Nauman.

Every RITE Editions is produced in close collaboration with each respective artist, and is distinguished by its conceptual nature and high production values. Containers, packaging, and mailers have also been developed in great detail in collaboration with the artists. A variety of mediums are explored in RITE Editions publications. And notably, all editions are intimate and interactive and necessitate close examination.

RITE Editions are represented in the following public collections

  • MoMA, NY
  • Berkeley Art Museum
  • SFMOMA, San Francisco.
  • Fogg Art Musem, Harvard, Cambridge
  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  • Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
  • Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • ArtNow International
  • The Clark Art Institute, Williams College




All editions photography is by Ian Reeves.

Web Design by Dillon Titcomb.


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